Wsvr0026i error occurred while validating product license Cam2cam community

Abstract Flow Executor.leave Vertex(Abstract Flow at oracle.install.Abstract Flow Executor.transition(Abstract Flow at oracle.install.Default Flow Forward(Default Flow at oracle.install.jewt.

wsvr0026i error occurred while validating product license-18

Most likely, this is a temporary error caused by problems communicating with If you continue to encounter this error, follow these steps: 1) Edit your task, 2) Go to the Field Mappings page, 3) Click the Refresh Fields button, 4) Click the Validate Mapping button.

You need to update the Service URL field in your Salesforce connection.

Cluster [email protected][main] [ 2016-05-12 .158 MYT ] [Current Oracle Home:593] Oracle home from system property: /fapp/oracle/product/12.1.0SE[main] [ 2016-05-12 .158 MYT ] [Configured Grid Home:1343] ----- Getting CRS HOME ----[main] [ 2016-05-12 .158 MYT ] [Unix CRSHome:2967] olr File Name = /etc/oracle/olr.loc[main] [ 2016-05-12 .159 MYT ] [HASHome:1500] Failed to get HAS home.

PRCI-1144 : Failed to retrieve Oracle Grid Infrastructure home path PRKC-1144 : File "/etc/oracle/olr.loc" not found.[main] [ 2016-05-12 .159 MYT ] [Comp Manager.check If Big Cluster And Hub Node:1187] Not a cluster environment: exiting Big Cluster Check[main] [ 2016-05-12 .055 MYT ] [Oracle Version:994] Oracle Version called.

Change the URL from the default " to your node name.

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