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Every day that I'm with you is full of bright hope and offers a new adventure. I hope you know how much you're starting to mean to me. Before I met you, I had never taken much notice of flowers or dew or grass or birds.

The other girls I've dated in the past just fade in comparison. But this morning I walked outside, breathed in the crisp, spring air, sat quietly on the porch, and watched life happen.

Every time we are together, the world looks a little better and the sun shines a little brighter.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that you're the kindest, most animated, and most amazing person I have ever met.

Ghosting usually incites reactions like, “What’s wrong with me?! Think about it: when you’ve ghosted on someone (come on – we’ve all done it), most of the time it isn’t because they’re this big, scary horrible person. It’s natural to be pissed off when that person you were getting naked with last week has suddenly gone completely AWOL. A simple, “Judging by the radio silence, it seems as though you’re not interested in dating anymore. You’ll feel so much better if you take a cue from that toddler singing along to Frozen and just let. When she's not writing her heart out, she loves wandering her city with a large cup of coffee in hand, in search of the next great story.

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