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This was only limited to Wi-Fi, but there were registry hacks you could use in previous versions. Turn off background apps By default, Windows 10 keeps some apps running in the background, and they eat up a lot of data.

In fact, the Mail app, in particular, is a major offender. Then toggle off apps that use background data that you don’t need.

If you are like me, you might be coming to the realization that Windows 10 loves data…a lot.

I don’t have any choice since I like to keep up with the latest and greatest in software. Set your connection as metered One of the first things you can do is set your connection as metered.

Turn off notifications Another area that I notice can save you some data is turning off Action Center Notifications.

For instance, if you don’t need to have background apps notifying you of on-going activities, just disable it.

Please ensure that you are using this library instead of the Petre version before creating issues in the repository issue tracker!! Grab the compiled JS/CSS (minified or non-minified versions) from the /dist directory, load them into your web page, and everything should work!

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