World of warcraft beta updating setup files

On May 10th, 2012, minor progress was made with the 64-bit client for build 15677, as the client downloads and launches successfully for both Mac and Windows, but crashes immediately after character selection. With the 64-bit client files in place you will receive the error: If you are currently testing the 64-bit client, in order to patch the game you will need to remove the 64-bit files to allow the patch process to complete.With the 64-bit client files in place you will receive the error: If you encounter any issues while using the 64-bit version, please report your findings in this thread and return to using the 32-bit executable.The current BFA Beta has the two right action bars side by side and not vertical.

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Also to note, what i can't seem to fix is the loincloth mesh, it's..broken for some reason, when it was working just fine in Blender.

Anyone else is free to edit and fix the model as you see fit. Also don't worry, I'll update this occasionally as I make my rounds.

On 14-Feb-2012, an updated 64-bit client (Patch 4.3.3 build 15314) for Windows and Mac OS X was released and Blizzard said previous users much switch to the 32-bit client via the Launcher's Game Preferences dialog.

Unfortunately, the Launcher might get in a vicious cycle where it would download a corrupt file (incomplete? ), detect it, and disable the Game Preferences menu item.

Are the action bars slightly off centered for anyone else?

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