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utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Travis was born to parents Donna and Roger Stork who were Midwestern farmers.According to Travis, he is the first doctor from his family.. Travis has also published books related to health issues.

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They were not allowed to see each other during the filming of the ending of the show to prevent them from spoiling the endings.

So, Travis Lane Stork dating relationship couldn’t work for a long period. Let’s know the details on Travis Lane Stork married life with ex-wife, Charlotte Brown.

Travis didn’t want to get married to Sarah Stone just then but wanted to begin a dating relationship with her.

So instead of putting a ring on her wedding finger, Travis gave Sarah a loving accessory: a necklace with a ring placed on it.

Let’s know the details on Travis Lane Stork’s past and recent dating affairs along with his married life with ex-wife, Dr. Season 8 of “The Bachelor” ended with Travis Lane Stork choosing a school teacher, Sarah Stone who lived down the street in Nashville, Tennessee.

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