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He is the new host of "Tavis Talks" on Blog Talk Radio's Tavis Smiley Network.In 2014, he also appeared as one of the cast members on the hit ABC television series, "Dancing With the Stars."Firing: On December 13, 2017, Tavis Smiley was fired from PBS after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct came to light.

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The network said it also found further evidence that Smiley created an abusive and threatening workplace, often belittling and cursing subordinates.

Many of the witnesses were women of color, the documents say, pushing back against comments from Smiley, who is black, that racial bias was involved in his firing.

On the other side of the equation, Jamie Gauçon and Maria Martinez are trying to raise their 3 children on minimum wage jobs and are forced to turn to public assistance to make ends meet; Eunice Medina, who worked at Jabaar’s Day Care Center and had to take a different job when her hours were cut; Marcelino Manzares who is a line cook at Actual Café and says the increases, while welcome, are not enough to off-set rising rents in Oakland; Benjamin Watterson who works at Bi-Rite Market and is now struggling to stay in the middle class while his wife is temporarily unemployed; Ada Olmedo, a cashier at Bi-Rite who says the increases are making a positive difference in her family’s life, and Shonda Roberts, who has spent her adult life working in fast food restaurants, and is a champion of the minimum wage increases that are benefitting her bottom line.

weaves these and other real life stories with observations by two economic experts who look at the same set of circumstances but come to very different conclusions – Ken Jacobs, chair of the UC Berkeley Labor Center and Christopher Thornberg, Ph D, founder of Beacon Economics.

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