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The band's name was taken from a character in Martin Lawrence's comedy series, Martin."We all used to dress alike, really different to everyone else.

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Supported by their father, Joseph "Blue" Smith Sr., who also served as the band's manager, these four boys, also was joined by their older brother, Joseph "Chinchilla" Smith, II, set out to develop their music career in 1997 under the name of "Pretty Rickie and The Maverix".

According to a 1999 story in The Miami Herald, at first, it was Joseph Smith, II who was called "Pretty Rickie" while the other four brothers were "The Maverix".

Since 2015, Pleasure P has reunited with the group, releasing their latest single, "Puddles", and preparing a final album and tour for 2017.

In 1997 while performing together in Miami, Florida Pretty Ricky was signed to Bluestar Entertainment by CEO Joseph "Blue" Smith.

Not exceedingly great, but (all in all) a passable package as far as rom-coms go.

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