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There are two universal languages, according to Sebastian Bach: rock ’n’ roll and Gilmore Girls.

Whether in Chile, Argentina or even the Amazon rain forest, “it blows my mind that people know the words to my songs,” Bach, 48, tells Us Weekly. Whenever I’m anywhere in the world and I get to the hotel, I can find Gilmore Girls on the TV.” Bach is exceedingly fluent in both.

Sebastian Bach: I’m a fan of rock ’n’ roll autobiographies. I speak to the guitar player Scotti [Hill] and the drummer [Rob Affuso]. [Laughs] I think if Guns N’ Roses and Hep Alien can get back together, we can too. SB: My favorite Gilmore Girls memory was when the lead singer of Rush, Geddy Lee, came to the set with his daughter.

He sees a pile of garbage and shouts, “What about one in front of this trash? Then he points to a window of bongs, ready for the next take.

There’s sun streaming over the tops of Midtown’s office buildings, those discreetly visible rays of December light, and they strike the red-gold of his Brazilian blowout in a way that makes you think his hair is glowing from within.

“You survived, number one, when some people cannot say that because they're dead. But Bach has gone from giving no fucks to giving as many fucks as possible. But he gets his ears checked regularly, and when his doctor told him to turn down the music or ten years from now he’d wish he had, Bach “immediately wept because it hit me, like, imagine a life without music.

He’s traded cocaine and whiskey for weed and red wine (he likes how it feels on his throat after singing). Nietzsche said, ‘A life without music would be a mistake.’ That's good old Nietzsche. I believe that.”After our conversation, we head outside to take some pictures, and New Yorkers do the very non–New York thing of stopping and staring and asking questions, entranced by Bach and the way he’s completely hamming it up.

“It was a fucking nightmare, because what it involves is countless hours just sitting behind your computer screen,” he says. This book is full of earnest, sweet, and even occasionally dorky declarations, like “What would I say is the biggest lesson I learned in life?

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