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On another photo, a different fan commented: "I wonder if [Rain] has accepted her sexuality yet?" (Folks, if you want to speculate over somebody's sexuality, do it in private or not at all -- not on that person's Instagram page) Rain replied: "I'm straight ...Not just because plenty of LGBT folks don't feel comfortable coming out at 15 (if they're even aware), but because it's straight-up inappropriate.

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And, rudely, a couple of fans boldly asked Rain if she's gay.

Though she had every right to ignore the questions, Rain decided to come clean and answer them.

She is 33 years old and in great shape, so she and her man have nothing to worry about as far as having a baby is concerned.

If these reports of Wright being pregnant are true, we congratulate her and her boyfriend in welcoming their newest addition!

As of now, not much is known about the father of Wright’s alleged child except that he is “a sports manager/agent who manages ‘several high-level athletes.'” According to reports, Wright has been in a relationship with her sports manager boyfriend for more than a year now, but managed to keep it private.

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