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During the revolution, dozens of reporters were assaulted, often by agents of the regime.On the night of the 11th, a mob turned on Lara and her "60 Minutes" team and singled her out in a violent sexual assault.

Who is lara logan dating

“She did the story over the last four to six months on location in the face of ISIS all while suffering from the brutal sexual assault she suffered at the hands of evil forces at play during the Arab Spring.

She has not only a mental but a physical tattoo of what these savages do to people.

In February, Page Six reported that Logan was admitted to the hospital with digestive disease diverticulitis and internal bleeding.

A CBS source said, “Lara’s health has continued to suffer and she has been hospitalized numerous times in the years following the attack in Egypt.

“60 Minutes” correspondent Lara Logan has been admitted to the hospital again as she continues to deal with health problems stemming from a brutal sexual assault in Egypt in 2011.

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