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That's all I have to say about him." Adding, "It means I'm single again and I'm really enjoying my time with my girlfriends." Talk about Girl Power!Even if it didn't work out - she's clearly forgiven him and the pair are still close friends even Ryan Reynolds, she was spotted out on several date nights with Justin in New York City and were even caught by the paparazzi returning to his apartment.

dating a businessman pros cons - Who is justin timberlake dating now 2016

The reasons behind their split could have been that Cameron refused to commit.

Justin sarcastically joked on that if she wanted to buy a dress for their wedding "you’ll have to stay the same size for the next 15 years." Then when the Ellen also quizzed Cameron about hearing the sound of wedding bells, she replied, "I’m a commitment-phobe.

- he clearly wasn't getting over the alleged cheating scandal anytime soon.

For the music video, he decided to use Scarlett Johansson for the steamy kissing scenes in a pool, making him officially the luckiest guy in the world.

It's also safe to say that this is one man who deserves a high-five as he's had a pretty enviable run in his dating life.

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