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AJJ: We do this on purpose because we like to hang out once in a while.

burst onto American televisions where it immediately became a ratings sensation for Fox Kids and a pop culture phenomenon that only intensified young audiences' already growing hunger for Japanese-inspired entertainment. , which Amazon describes as a "sexy, driven, romantic rock album with slow melancholy ballads to full-out angst rockers. But it's there and always will be when the moment strikes. As time progressed though, Johnson's music began to creep more and more into her work.

We spoke with Johnson, who lives in Toronto, ahead of her visit to Salt Lake City.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity. I had fun skiing there and that’s all I can say because it’s been so long. DN: Are you comfortable with being a cult fan figure? AJJ: I think it's really cool to be set apart with the "Power Rangers" and (to have been a part of) the beginning of it and the original cast. And I love the effect that it had on kids who are now adults, and the stories I’ve heard are wonderful and it has, you know, been a positive influence in many people's lives.

Johnson is one of the many childhood heroes that will appear at the Fan X Salt Lake Comic Convention Sept. In addition to "Power Rangers," Johnson has also released a few country music albums.

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