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Leaving early is always a bit more awkward than showing up late.10. That being said, there’s no logical time for Santa Claus to visit your house if you’re up past midnight. The salsa, even in its mildest form, is always spicier than the hottest salsa at Chipotle.13. If you are lucky enough to experience living with a Latino family for any period of time, you will learn that the nurturing nature of your environment is a blessing.

However, it’s a fun, exciting, and beautiful celebration of the holiday, and you will enjoy it.11. Mañanitas is a birthday tradition for which you wake up early in the morning to sing, pray, and eat together. Their home is your home, and they want you to feel as comfortable as possible… Because they will treat you like family, you will also be expected to do your part around the house.

Additionally, someone (generally the mother) will likely unintentionally overlook your attempt to clean and do her own cleaning soon after you’ve finished.

In my experience, my guy’s mother is experienced in cleaning.

It was then that I began to learn a tremendous deal more about Latino culture.5. In many Latino families, dinner time is anywhere from pm-pm.

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