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Guess Bravo switched their Jesus Housewives up and replaced Plastilexis Blingin' the word Barbie with Jesus Skipper and her merry brand of Life Group pot smokin' grannies. But back to Gretchen and Slave I predict these two will end up on Couples Therapy someday soon!

BTW: Gretchen and Alexis still haven't confirmed that they're leaving the show.

I have always felt like the black sheep in that group because they were so much older than me, with children and marriages and I was just a 22 year old girl, barely figuring out who I was. Chandra, Reality Wanted: Did you feel stifled in your relationship because you wanted to be in LA when you were on the show? Jo: I definitely had so much inside of me that I hadn’t even tapped into at the time, but when I was engaged to Slade, I was engaged and I wasn’t working.

I lost a lot of my goals, my dreams and my passions, and it wasn’t until I was finally in the relationship with Slade and at home bored that all of those things kind of rekindled in myself. ” I’m 22 years old, engaged, and I had always wanted to pursue my dreams of music. Jo: Slade and I were on a break, and he started dating Lauri. Jo: She called me because I found out from her ex-boyfriend Jay that Slade and Gretchen were hooking up.

While everyone expected the Gretchen/Slade relationship to go over like a lead brick with Jo De La Rosa, here she tells Reality Wanted why Slade did her the “favor”… Chandra, Reality Wanted: Will you make an appearance in Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Orange County? Jo: It is one of those things where, I left the show back in Season 2, and my life is so different now, who I am now compared to who I was 4 years ago. There were talks of me coming on the show to confront Gretchen and Slade, but I need to be selfless at this point.

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