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In May 1998, during a conference set up by Art Bell as part of an alaskan cruise, Dr Zahi Hawass made an announcement about a new discovery at Giza, saying that a shaft had been found about thirty yards below the second pyramid and that a new sarcophagus was found along with tunnels and a giant cavern.

This seemed to indicate that the lid was around thirty inches thick.

Two and a half metres below the lid it detected a two and a half metre wide anomoly with what looked like a domed ceiling.

The chamber was quite spacious and clearly man-made judging from the appearance of the vertical walls, cut steps and right-angles.

Said next returned to the chamber in February 1997 to take some film of the location.

Schor funded the venture and so had legal title to the film shot by Said, however Said had exclusive marketing rights meaning Schor would be unable use it in a commercial venture.

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