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With the passage of time he was also enrolled at St. He was also able to complete his education from there and he earned his degree in Spanish Studies and Politics in 1980. Then he began his acting career and that was from the movies Witness and The Purple Rose of Cairo in 1985. His early acting career was not that popular as he didn't gain any fame portraying those roles.His first professional career was not acting though his childhood dreams were acting. In 1991, he appeared as the Frank Roberts in the movie, The Indian Runner.

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His film film, Shivers, we see a visibly horny homosexual couple in speedos.

Also, a 100% straight man wouldn't have showcased Jeff Goldblum's body like the way Cronenberg did in The Fly.

I seem to remember him as a poet-musician / performance-art type, and that he was involved with Exene Cervenka (of the band X) for a while. Anyway, with that background, he'd likely be much more gay/bi-friendly (not to meniton drug-prone) than most folks...

Cronenberg has always showed gay men in his movies.

I've also seen him on Charlie Rose and Letterman and he seems even stranger (and mumbly) and a little full of himself. As for Cronenberg, he's skanky but I can see why we like him.

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