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If you need an excuse for an all-day pampering spree, Valentine's Day is it. Even when you're in a relationship, spending Valentine's Day with your female friends is just a good idea.

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If you don't have kids or plans, make a friend or sister's day by offering to watch hers while she goes out for a (probably much-needed) date night with the hubby. On a day of hearts, support a charity or organization with a cause near and dear to your own heart, whether it's the American Red Cross, St.

Jude Children's Hospital, your local domestic violence shelter, or your church.

It can be such a joy to have nowhere to go and no one to see.

Soak up all that alone time (especially if your ex has the kids).

Well, welcome to the club and I can tell you that you will never understand the thing about men in your life and Valentine gifts.

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