Updating webreference

The country object will not be updated, only the reference to the country gets updated? One exception is that if all your clients always have the data in a certain format, then it'll make sense to make it easy for them to pass the data in whatever format/structure they all have and translate to your preference server side.

My preference is country id since we are not updating the country object, but my college think otherwise. The key abstraction of information in REST is a resource.

Pay Pal is one of the most well-known online payment services and for good reason.

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If you have an uncommon debit card there could be some more charges.

Venmo is also very convenient for group pay for example is somebody buys texting you can start a group and add the people that owe you the money to the group.

However they provided no WSDL and no ASMX – therefore it would be impossible to use Web References.

They only provided the name of the web methods, their urls, calling credentials and an XML request example. what is the right way, on Visual Studio, to call an external web service, without WSDL, ASMX or adding a web reference? The execution flow I used was: create a Web/SOAP request, set request method to POST (for some reason the 3rd party developed the webservices that way), convert the XML containing the Web Service input into a byte array (payload), write the XML payload into the web request, use the web request to get a response from the Web Service, return an XML with the Web Service response (or an error XML).

With all that said, in your case you want to update the country of an client.

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