Updating uboot

On reset, this ROM code searches for the bootloader and then copies it to the internal RAM before executing it.

The internal RAM on the AM335X is 128KB, but due to various limitations, only 109KB is available for the initial bootloader for program memory, heap and stack.

# Installing u Boot environment Connecting to jeff.( uboot.100% |***********************************************************************| 52 --:--:-- ETA Connecting to jeff.( uboot.environment 100% |***********************************************************************| 128k ETA Erase Total 1 Units Performing Flash Erase of length 131072 at offset 0xc0000 done Writing data to block 6 at offset 0xc0000 # Verifying u Boot environment Block size 131072, page size 2048, OOB size 64 Dumping data starting at 0x000c0000 and ending at 0x000e0000...

Connecting to jeff.( uboot.100% |***********************************************************************| 52 --:--:-- ETA # Setting arc Number to 2097 (Sheeva Plug) # Note: if you have a kernel that supports your platform, you should use the proper arc Number.

The Edge Router bootloader controls functions such as the LED boot behavior, configuration/driver loading and much more. Done Checking boot version: Current is UNKNOWN; new is e300_001_3f6cf ... The image must be uploaded manually when using this firmware release.

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