Updating ilo firmware

The VM's it runs are Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard. I am trying to update it to 2.61, same as our other servers.

You can also see your current version of ILO when your first login as shown below. CD to the map1/firware1 directory by typing the following.

“cd map1/firmware1” Now type the following command replacing the web server url with your own. You may have to wait several minutes for the update to complete.

When you log back, you will the version number is updated as shown below. BC is a Pipe2contributor and has been an IT Professional for 15 years.

We have an old DL380 G4 that we are just using for a secondary DFS host. Any Cavet for doing firmware on this older system, other than the fact it is old and I just have to pray to the firmware gods?

Extract the files from the download and copy the Bin file (in my case ilo2_215.bin) to an accessible directory on a web server.

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