Updating fact tables

There is another way this one feature can be achieved is via transactions.

You can wrap your around your more than one UPDATE statement in a single transaction, this way if one or more statement fails, the entire transaction rolls back.

updating fact tables-90

Performing a lookup on a dimension table requires a field from the source to be joined with the key fields of the dimension hash file.

Existing fields from the source can be used for the join or a new field must be extracted from the source for the join.

The physical table name is the name you declare prefixed with the subject area prefix name.

If the table has a natural key (to support an Fact Surrogate Key column type), the natural key/surrogate key cross reference is stored in a separate companion table.

The are currently two supported types of fact tables: The snapshot fact form relies on the definition of the primary key to decide whether to update a fact row or insert a new one.

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