Free male to male video chat - Updating eclipse ganymede

to create a new AVD Successfully created AVD should look like this Create new Android Project … CDT 5.0 runs with Eclipse 3.4 and is part of the Eclipse Ganymede simultaneous release.

updating eclipse ganymede-1

Unfortunately I would have to recommend to people to stay away from Ganymede if you use Subversion for version control until they sort out connectors, update sites etc.

After installing on 4 machines (3 macs, 1 linux) i’ve finally got 3 out of 4 working – but one of them (one of the identical macs!

Unfortunately Eclipse only provides the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) but it is missing the actual compiler. You could try to install Visual Studio, but it is tricky to get that working with Eclipse. MSYS is part of the Min GW suite, which provides free development tools for Windows.

You will have to follow these 4 steps: First, you need to download Min GW. The file name should be something like "Min GW-5.1.4.exe".

And will sticking with Ganymede make life easier for updating come June when a new major release of Eclipse is out? Thanks, Joe I updated this in my Eclipse Ganymede like this: Go to Help / Software Updates, select the Available Software tab.

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