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So the database is getting updated, but not the datagridview control. I don't know how to update the datagridview from a database that has been changed after the datagridview control was first initialized. Could one of you experts recommend a systematic way for learning VB. The implications of this for developing database applications in VB.NET for a beginner and for developing database applications. NET are that EITHER your app should have a single datastore on which all its components (e.g.When the edit button is pressed then another form is displayed as a dialog and is the data entry form for updating the data for that particular row in the datagridview control (and subsequently the table).

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Updating database from datagridview in vb net

If you, too, want to go down the first of these routes what you will need to do is take all the data elements from your various forms - dataset/s, datatable/s, dataview/s, tableadapter/s - and put them into some central component: a Module or a Class.

Then bind all the controls on your different forms to the data elements in that central component. NET and don't know all of the objects and the like that I can use.

So the Ole Db Data Adapter manage the communication between these two Objects. Open() oledb Adapter = New Ole Db Data Adapter(Sql, connection) oledb Adapter.

The Table Mapping Collection help the Ole Db Data Adapter to do this task.

I have a couple of books, but they don't appear to do the trick or I could just be too ignorant at this point to know.

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