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Nothing wrong with that - hmm til you realise that I am 62!

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Uniform dating also has an instant chat service and winking and liking buttons.

Uniform Dating is a brand from the dating company Cupid thats portfolio includes such other names as and

It is very hard to find somebody when you have a specific schedule and a specific job. I'd paid a subscription fee and I am unable to access anything as it keeps asking for a fee to do so.

And this site was created for lucky people like me. Read Full Review I had several guys contact me thru the site and every single one turned out to be not genuine. I would definitely recommend this site to my friends. I am in the process of waiting for a refund through apple which take 7-10 days, funny really as they take it out straight away but it takes ages to get the money back... Read Full Review Havent seen it or used it in a few years so cant give it an up to date reveiw but what i can say is I joined this dating site 4 years ago and was really apprehensive about meeting complete nut jobs or being tricked like that programme Catfish!!

Uniform dating has good search facilities and nice profile sections that appear to be fairly well used.

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