Two way live webcams

Press the 'esc' button on your keyboard to return to the smaller size.seem like a good way to kick off this article, which is an update to that ever-popular post by sports media guru Imry on a low-cost, multi-camera setup for live streaming events.

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One limitation we should mention: You might save money with the Intensity Shuttle, but you have to use HDMI.

So unless you’re going to back-convert from SDI to HDMI, you’ll need one of the cameras to be placed within 10 feet of the broadcast setup—which works fine in some scenarios but not all.

This webcam is programmed to scan various parts of the north beach and inshore waters and the entrance to the river Deben.

If you put your cursor over the top right hand corner of the image you can click on the two way arrow to make the image fill your screen.

It’s still the least expensive way to bring the HDMI signal into your computer, Mac or PC, keeping your setup costs low.

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