Triplex toughened glass dating

That's why these questions keep coming to my desk (remember I'm an incurable generalist in the façades world): what effect does glass thickness have in the acoustics of a double glass unit?

Or what matters more in the acoustical performance of insulated glass: the thickness in a monolithic pane, the effect of lamination or the dimension of the cavity?

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Any particular sound or noise can be represented as a number of 8 (or 24) sound pressure levels in the frequency bands, as illustrated by the diagram below.

A real sound shown as a combination of different sound presure levels, one per each of the 24 frequency bands. Column height: SLP at each frecuency band, measured in d B.

So SPL is what matters to us, poor construction buddies.

For ease of numbering SPL is measured in decibels (d B).

Here you will find some graphical answers to these questions.

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