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“They’re good effective leaders, let them serve,” the Georgia Democrat said.

“The people have every two years to determine who comes and goes.”Most members have expressed opposition to the proposal or withheld their opinions until they can learn more details, but a few outside of those party to the agreement are on board.

| Nancy Pelosi is doing exactly what she said she wouldn’t in order to secure the votes she needs to be elected speaker — putting an end date on her tenure as the top House Democratic leader.

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(It is likely, though, that she has the support of some of those who have been quiet.)Reps.

Kathleen Rice of New York and Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania both confirmed Wednesday the term-limit deal wouldn’t change their minds about opposing Pelosi.

“I think these guys are looking for an exit ramp off their suicide mission, and this is their latest attempt at it.”Congressional Progressive Caucus Co-Chair Mark Pocan also felt Pelosi didn’t need to broker the term-limit deal to win the speaker election, just like she didn’t need to expand the leadership team to win her 2016 minority leader election.

“Sometimes good leaders, always when you negotiate, you’re supposed to give the other side something so they can have face-saving,” the Wisconsin Democrat said.

A few even felt it was a mistake to agree to limit her tenure but said she probably would not have agreed to it if she had not planned to exit within the next four years anyway. Richmond, an opponent of term limits, is among those who felt Pelosi didn’t need the deal.

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