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If you upload a few pictures of yourself clean shaven dressed in a shirt, you will at least 5-10 message per day from Thai girls as soon as you create an account.Talk to them for a little while then ask them if they would like to meet up for dinner or visit a club or bar when you land.

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More and more guys these days are curious to try out a Thai Ladyboy and this explains the new huge popularity of the ladyboy dating sites.

Even though the majority of them live in the big cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai – you can find and arrange dates with open minded ladyboys all over Thailand.

To make the most of this platform I suggest joining a few weeks before you plan to land in Thailand and start interacting with girls.

Even if you tell them you’re on a two week holiday they will want to meet you.

Most Thai girls don’t like Thai guys because they don’t treat them with respect (Thai men ranked #1 in the world for cheating) , that’s why so many use sites like Thai Cupid.

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