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Team Fortress 2 isn't overly elaborate about character development and mystery, and delving into convoluted and technical hypothesis regarding the possibility of his accent being false seems somewhat fanboy-ish.

If it's really a problem, somebody should e-mail Valve and ask for a definitive answer that can be cited since "ambiguous origins" is equally speculative.

Even if someone did e-mail Valve there would be no way of verifying their response wasn't faked by said user.

I guess we could ask them to make a statement on their site, but I doubt they'll bother.

Article 13 is a provision in the proposed EU Copyright Directive mandating that all content uploaded to the internet be monitored and potentially deleted if a likeness to existing copyrighted content is detected.

This is a fucking retarded idea that could very easily be abused by corporations with armies of lawyers.

It does imply that, but he speaks several languages and his accent is deliberately disguised.

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