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For three-plus years, the celeb-infatuated sphere knew the striking blonde as Jenny Humphrey, problem child extraordinaire on the CW series Gossip Girl.Jenny was, as the concerned Dad would say, a real piece of work; a Machiavellian social climber who pushed pills, covered up a cancer misdiagnosis, and was deflowered by the town lothario.But, midway through recording the LP, Hurricane Sandy struck and left the band rattled.“We lost everything,” says Momsen.

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She’d hooked up with producer Kato Khandwala, who introduced her to guitarist Ben Phillips, and the three began writing some songs together.

After a few band alterations, The Pretty Reckless was born.

Class machine Taylor Momsen was cigs and eyeliner as usual at the UK's Wireless Festival over the weekend, performing a set with her rock band The Pretty Reckless before an enthusiastic crowd.

In the audience was Natt Weller, the 23-year-old son of British rocker Paul Weller, one of the most prominent figures of the mod revival of the late 70s.

“When I got to a place where I realized I was in control of my own life, and had found the right band, and everything was coming to fruition, it wasn’t even a question: I was going to quit my day job. But I’m very lucky that the producers were nice enough to write me out, allow me to tour, and pursue my passion, because they very easily could have told me to go fuck myself and keep me on the show.”The band’s latest recording, Going to Hell, hits stores on March 18.

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