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With the special bottoms and cutters, which were purchased separately from the basic model, the plane can do simple moldings, nosing, reeding, and fluting.

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Often, the slender portion of the fence's casting, where it curves downward from the arms, cracks.

These cracks render the plane useless, and many guys had the cracks welded. On those models that have a rosewood face to the fence you can find the rosewood all banged up or split.

If I had to use the plane (like if a gun was stuck to my head, or something like that), I'd only do so for making reeds.

It does a respectable job of that, provided the wood's grain is even, and you have copious scraps of wood about to test the plane's setting with each adjustment.

Wooden planes, because they are dedicated to a particular task, only need to have their irons set and then it's off to the planing.

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