Speed dating sudbury

Online dating was the number two answer for men and the number five answer for women. “Just to have someone you’re friendly with, and if it gets serious it gets serious and if it doesn’t it doesn’t,” she said.George Schofield of Camden, a widower of two years, said he’s travelled all over the world, but wants to visit tourist destinations in Delaware—and he wants someone to visit them with.

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A matching Betsey Johnson purse rested near her feet. The widower of four years tried online dating, but without any success.

Now Case is trying her luck at senior speed dating.

“I thought this would be a good idea if I found somebody in as good shape as me, we get together, and we could go travelling in my car to look these places over,” he said.

“I think at my age I’m not looking for a big wedding.

Case said she too was feeling anxious leading up to the event, but was excited about the possibility of meeting someone with the qualities she was looking for.

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