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Unfortunately, Relations between Alabamaball and USAball has been strained after the Legalization of Homosexuality (which Alabamaball Hates) and USAball banning the Confederate Battle flag.

On December 12, 2017, everyone in USAball thought Alabamaball was a pedo-lover, with the Republican candidate running for the senate being suspected of molesting teenage girls.

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During its first 100 years, Mobile was a colony of France, then Britain, and lastly Spain. The two generals met several miles north of Mobile on May 2.

Mobile became a part of the United States in 1813, with the annexation by President James Madison of West Florida from Spain. After agreeing to a 48-hour truce, the generals enjoyed an al fresco luncheon of food, drink, and lively music.

The Port of Mobile has always played a key role in the economic health of the city, beginning with the settlement as an important trading center between the French colonists and Native Americans, down to its current role as the 12th-largest port in the United States.

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