Soulmate dating guardian

Maybe I am too old fashioned and I need to do what you suggest turquoise and be proactive - I think maybe these guys are waiting on the women to make the move - Im seeing someone tomorrow from the site so I may find out from him how he finds the site. Hi I am new to this site and have been meaning to join something like this for ages.

I have mum friends but they are all attached and it's different being alone.

We emailed for ages before we met and then clicked instantly.

It's early days but I can see it getting serious.

And I have a date next week with one of the guys I have been talking to after I get back from a week away!!!! When you trawl through all the dross on these sites and think you'll never find anyone 'normal' just remind yourself like I do that you are normal and using the site so there must be others out there.

Remember it is hard to find someone at the best of times.

I have added people to my favourites and they have then messaged me!!

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