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You may have to accept their terms and provide an email ID during free registration. The version number may be different based on when you download it. In case it’s different in your case, navigate to it in the terminal using ‘ls’ and ‘cd’ command.

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If the reason shown indicates a more significant problem than Sophos just needing a reboot then see the entry Sophos isn't running properly.

The symptoms are usually that you see a red cross every time you start up the computer, but if you try a manual update, it succeeds and the red cross disappears.

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control General Information UITS is providing the latest version, Sophos Antivirus 10.

If you install and manage your Sophos software, you will need to download the new software.

Nor does it protect against malware which has been specifically designed to subvert the operating system to avoid detection.

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