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Stephanie went official about her traumatic experience with father Will amidst two accusations by different women.

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And now, unfortunately, it seems like there's more: According to new reports, Discovery Channel’s Sons of Guns stars Stephanie Hayden and Kris Ford were arrested for allegedly abusing Hayden's 9-year-old son. The couple was reportedly arrested on Friday because Ford allegedly struck Hayden’s son with a belt last month, causing him to bruise.

Although Hayden is not being accused of abusing her son, she was taken into custody because her son told police officers she was in the room when the incident took place, according to Livingston Parish officials.

His mother has an estimated net worth of $80 milllion, while his father has an estimated net worth at $20 million.

Time will tell if Maceo’s future endeavors will add to the wealth his family already has.

Perhaps it’s just been an unfortunate past couple of months, but lately it seems that so many reality TV stars have been finding themselves in a lot of trouble, both legal and moral.

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