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Supernova 2003gd was discovered on 12.82 June in the nearby spiral galaxy M74.

Still, he said the new study stands out.“What makes the Al Wusta find especially important is that it is a direct date on a bone,” he said.

“Most of the other evidence that support this pre-65,000 year idea have not been able to directly date human bones.”However, he said, he wished that the authors had been more open about sharing their raw data and methods, to allow other members of the archaeological and anthropological community to verify their discovery.“It would be ideal to see some independent validation of the ages by another lab, unrelated to these authors, dating samples from the bone,” Marwick said.

“That would help to confirm that the result is reproducible, which is the cornerstone of any scientific claim.”The Al Wusta site in Saudi Arabia is surveyed and mapped.

Archaeologists say that modern humans left Africa and lived here at least 85,000 years ago, when the region was a grassland with freshwater lakes and rivers. Team members also unearthed hundreds of animal fossils, including hippopotamuses, antelope and extinct species of African wild cattle.“These animals tell us that when humans were living there, it was not a desert,” said first author Huw Groucutt, an archaeologist at the University of Oxford.

But 90,000 years ago, there would have been a large river and an extensive fertile area that welcomed plants, animals and even humans.“Tracing the evolution and geographic dispersal of the human lineage is rather like connecting pitifully few dots on a vast three-dimensional grid of time and space,” Henry wrote in an essay that accompanies the study.

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