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Hi-tech criminals are increasingly selling live streams of child sex over legitimate chat sites and apps such as Skype for hard-to-trace virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Europe's policing agency warned on Tuesday, February 24.

"Criminals that sexually exploit children online are becoming more entrepreneurial with technological developments and are profiting financially," Europol said in a special report on commercial sexual exploitation of children online.

"The research shows that the live streaming of abuse for payment is no longer an emerging trend but an established reality," the report said.

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One of the most popular Vo IP and communication technologies is Skype.

Here, we’ll discuss some of the capabilities of the app and how it can be utilized by employers.

We’re all aware of being monitored in our everyday lives, whether for security reasons or for consumer purposes.

Another area where it may happen is in the workplace.

These standards include encryption at-rest and in-transit, threat management, and security monitoring – among others – from Skype for Business Online.

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