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The site of the first Slav university, it was the Macedonian capital under leader Tsar Samuil.

The wine cellar Skovin was founded in the year 1979 as a devoted follower of centuries old tradition of production of wine from the Skopje wine district, dating back in ancient Roman times. Skovin vineyards covering mild slopes of the hills around Skopje.

Some of them undoubtedly originate from the times of the antic Macedonia.

Other significant markets of Skovin are those in the Far East, Russia, Japan and China, with which Skovin has establish long – term cooperation, while the quantity of wine that is being exported in these regions has been increasing each year.

Skovin wines can also be found in overseas countries, such as Australia, Canada and USA. The centuries old tradition of quality wine production and the rich Macedonian cuisine are found in one place.

Located in the capital city, with nice ambiance and within culinary standards, the wine cellar Skovin offers you the unique opportunity to spend a very memorable time with your closest ones, to organize business meetings and celebrations with the possibility to take a wine tour throughout the winery and learn more about the production of premium wines.

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