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"Its over Ginny its over, Riddle cant hurt you any more" Harry says.

After her cring subsides she pulls back and he sees the tears coming out of her eyes Harry whipes them away then slowly leans in and kisses her Ginny gaspes and opens her mouth to except his tounge Harry tries to stop but some unknown force drives him on to complet what he started. Michel can go bugger himself for all i care, he is a arse anyway" Ginny retorts now shut up and snog me.

After walking Daphne to the Slytherin commen room Harry now exousted says the pasword the the fat lady who scoulds harry for bring out past midnight walks into the room only to get tackled by Hermione asking were he had been Harry says tomarrow and walks up the stairs to the boys dormitory and falls asleep befor his head hits the pillow the events of order of the phoenix happen "Harry mate, we are going to see dad at St. When Ginny heard that Harry was not coming she asked "Mum can i stay here? "no" was Harrys curt reply "Then you know who has not been possing you, trust me i know.

Harry then remembers the Co S incedent in his second year "sorry Ginny i forgot." Luck for you."then the next thing Harry knows Ginny is cring on his sholder" I still have nightmares about it she sobbs Harry driven by intuition wraped his arms around her and held her while she cried.

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