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Harry at 6-years old is accidentally killed by his uncle due to abuse.

Now to fulfill Harry's destiny Harold Evans is chosen to fuse with Harry's remnant soul.

' thinks Harold and then suddenly he is enlightened."You want me to be Harry Potter?

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This is a Windows 7 machine, Kodi 17.3 scraping using local nfo files into a mysql database.

The Android boxes I have updated themselves to 17.4, so I have a mixture of 17.3 and 17.4 devices. That was the fix for the change in API's at TVDB and TMDB. If yes, then it shows you are using v1.0.0 of the scraper.

Hello, Don't know exactly when this problem cropped up, but have noticed that my library does not update any TV shows when being scraped.

The only way that I can make a new show be entered into my Kodi library is to go to Vidoes----Scan to library. When I choose "Update Library" anywhere within Kodi, it goes through the motions, but doesn't come up with anything new and there are at least 40 shows that have not been scraped yet.

Potter"After that, he takes me to a room and gives me a pin"Put sign your name on this parchment with this quill, " and gives him a parchment And what he recognizes as a blood quill.

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