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above all he must posses the sense of humour that can always make me laugh and smile when i look in his eyes!! My dream guy would wear flannel, drive a truck, and have a great butt.Certainly, the clear head, a beauty, cheerful - the laugher, with claims, but able to correspond to high inquiries from the man's party. I have a good heart, and am very open minded, so if you don't have a great butt, drop me a note anyway. I am a person who is always optimistic and smiling.I just received my associate's degree and started a new job working with Amaz..

If you are like me at this stage in life we still might not know what we want but we definitely know what we dont want ! willing to put up with my hobbies, even better if you join in.

My work can have an inherit risk on me and my life so if that is an issue might want pass on me.

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I always tried to avoid questions which ask to tell about itself. I am looking for Someone who is honest, commited and know what he wants.

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