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Major conclusion: Each shift in communication is accompanied by a shifting sense of place, by a change in our perception of what George Herbert Mead (1934) called the “generalized other,” those others who seem significant enough for us to imagine how they may be imagining us.

Each shift also is accompanied by a new sense of what I have called the “generalized elsewhere” (Meyrowitz 1989), that general imagining of how our locales may be viewed from the outside.

And there is the cyberspace explorer, the woman who might log on as a man, or as another woman, or as, simply, ST.

All of these Sherry Turkles have authored a new book, Life on the Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet, published November 30 by Simon & Schuster.

New mobile devices represent a novel innovation in an otherwise slow-to-change realm of social interaction—face-to-face encounters.

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