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He’d called Ben last night while they were watching a movie and Ben had made her laugh, causing tequila to come out of her nose, which had sent him into hysterics and rendered him unable to answer the call. You’ll be cold.” He pulled his sweatshirt over his head and tossed it to her, revealing a dusting of chest hair over muscular pecs and a treasure trail that disappeared beneath the waist of his low-slung jeans. Remind me not to pick you for my baseball team.” “I don’t want to be on your team. “I’ll make it.” “Since when did you become so needy? “I know that once you’re in my kitchen, there’s no holding back.

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Have you ever had a friend who you love so much that you can’t imagine life without them? It instills a certain level of fear—what if you risk that friendship, lay your feelings on the line, and the other person doesn’t feel the same? What was it like to create an insta-family for this pair? Heroes come in all shapes and sizes—arrogant, funny, introverted, brilliant, average, overly serious, etc. I trust you with my secrets, and I love who you are.” Hope bubbled up inside her, and she closed her eyes, glad he couldn’t see her face. That made her feel all sorts of good, and the truth came easily.

True friends, the ones who “get” you, who accept you at your worst, bitchiest states, and at your best, are hard to come by. I think this was the case for Ben and Aurelia—Plus there’s Ben and his damn planning… Ben is like the guy you see sitting at the end of a bar in a fine suit and think he’s probably taken, or at the least too refined to be fun. “I love who you are, too.” He leaned his chin on her shoulder, his hard chest pressing against her back as he said, “I especially love who you are when you’re making me breakfast.” “Ugh! .” She shoved her feet into her red Converse sneakers and grabbed her purse. ” Ben pushed to his feet and stretched, six-plus feet of hotness towering over her five-two frame.

Curl up in your favorite reading spot and enjoy Ben and Aurelia’s story.

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