Sexual 1 on 1 text chat

So far for 2019, calls for help have only increased and the office typically sees 20 to 25 new clients each month.There is also only a few weeks left until the organization’s biggest event of the year: The Consent Event on Saturday, May 25.The private chat service is subject to the same rules of conduct as the helpline.

The support offered will be in more than 200 languages, including Cree.

Essentially, it’s one number that people can call and they’ll be connected with supports in their area, explained Ashley Hardy, director of education and community relations with Sherwood Park’s Saffron Sexual Assault Centre.“Strathcona County residents will absolutely use this and it’s important for them.

The five-kilometre fun walk or run will start at 10 a.m. A maximum of 250 people can sign up through Saffron’s website or through the Running Room.

Last year, the event saw about 200 people participate.“We really want to see the community get engaged and show all of the survivors who have been affected that we believe them and we are here to support them,” added Hardy.

They have a thorough knowledge of LGBTQ issues, an open mind and an attitude devoid of prejudice. Interligne’s services are also governed by a code of ethics to ensure the utmost respect of all our callers.

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