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"Digital intimacy is so interesting and influential on this game because when people are sexting, you often forget about the medium and the phone you're texting on," Stone told Polygon.

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Clutched in both hands, my phone suddenly feels like a taboo token, a dirty magazine I'm amazed no one has snatched away and tossed into a pile labeled "indecent." I keep my back to the wall and my screen tilted to prevent accidental peeping from curious eyes.

I blush with every message I send and every one I receive. My discomfort has more to do with the location of my experience and less with the interaction.

Sexting is a way to pass a boring ride on the train home with someone in another neighborhood.

But it's also another barrier to talking with people less than an arm's reach away.

Sext Adventure is a text adventure in the truest sense of the phrase.

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