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Uriah Motivational Posters - Various funny motivational posters - Swingers Required info for swingers - - lol Hilarious. It would be like living in Vatican City and not being a catholic.

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The Mormon church, for a time was, and I don't know maybe still is, very anti masturbation. We are not sure if being a single male is stigmatized more or less within the Utah swing community, than it might be in Kansas, but it is a point of aggravation for some within our community.

So the subject, once mentioned here in Utah, brings out a few inside jokes and such. If you were an attractive single woman asking other women to display pictures of themselves masturbating, your thread would have been received a bit differently. sorry about the drama uthot is right we are here to try and find other swingers and have fun uthot hope no hard feelings I just wanted to have some fun...

A Kentucky man has been charged in the June 8 armed robbery of a TD Bank on Shady Grove Road, a Montgomery County police statement said.

The man, Jonathan David Goff, does not appear in online court records yet.

I didn't mind the people coming in for a quick fuck as they were hardly ever a problem. Often I would charge them for a small room but give them a suite. Treat them and the hotel right and they won't care.

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