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Many sex offenders have ended up broke and homeless, living in clusters under freeways because they are routinely rejected by employers and landlords, and because they are banned from living in so many neighborhoods that contain public places like parks. Jones, the executive director of Reform Sex Offender Laws, an advocacy group, said cases like Mr. Frequently, a judge will give the lightest possible sentence, but cannot change the restrictions involving the offender registry.“It’s like a conviction on steroids,” Ms. “Being on a registry becomes a liability for employers, no matter how minor the offense was.

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Their lawyer has asked to withdraw his client’s guilty plea so he can argue for a lighter sentence. 5.“A young person, they make one mistake and all of a sudden they’re classified as a loser for the rest of their life,” Mr. “This scenario should never result in jail time or a life of anxiety.”An article last Sunday about a 19-year-old who could be on a sex offender registry for life after having sex with an under-age girl misstated the name of the Michigan city where they had sex and referred incorrectly to the court where the girl and others appealed for leniency on his behalf.

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He’s a sex offender, and I will not come to your establishment.’ ”Changing the laws has been a slow fight.

“People talk about it, but when you actually try to introduce legislation, lawmakers start to get really nervous,” Ms. “Because, oh, my God, we’re going to be soft on sex offenders.”Mr.

This guy is obviously not a pedophile.”But once Mr.

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