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That’s why people come back, why they’re so invested in those characters.”Murphy echoed that sentiment, crediting the show’s success to the cast’s star appeal—and to gut feeling: “I only make something that I want to watch. I’m also like, ‘What’s not on television right now? , goes into great detail about her life growing up in Venezuela, her time in the intensely challenging South American beauty pageant scene, and one other detail she hasn't touched on much in the past - her relationship with comedian Sandra Bernhard that made Velasquez realize she is a lesbian, according to the New York Post, which pulled quotes from Patricia's memoir that is embargoed until Feb. After being discovered by a local hairdresser as a teenager, Velasquez was chosen to compete in the 1989 Miss Venezuela pageant, according to her book.We’ll go to the Emmy’s, have a nice celebration, you know, be in a room together.

Festival – October 24 to November 24 SANDRA BERNHARD “Quick Sand” She’s always three steps ahead of the crowd. So Sandra takes control, bringing a mélange of musings, music and whimsy, “never boring j’adoring” is her motto, covering the waterfront of the outrageous, quotidian, and glamorous!

In these fast paced times a lady can’t stop moving, you never know what you might encounter next in this fun house world we’re living in.

Today we’re starting off with Madonna Top 10 Lovers, Husbands and Flings.

Madge has always been notorious for her swinging ways but did manage to settle down twice.

Even very close during Madonna’s break-up with husband #2, Guy Ritchie. Sean Penn – MARRIED – 1985 -1989 At times, this tumultuous relationship looked it was going to go from Burton and Taylor to Bonnie and Clyde.

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