Salad fingers video dating

Music from Lackluster, Slagsmålskubben and The Dead Texan.

Charlie Brooker (Nathan Barley/Tv Go Home) asked me to do a small bit of animation for his show Screenwipe on BBC4, he wasn't really sure what he wanted from me, but it had to be vaguely to do with TV, so I made this short advert.

A number of Firth's works have been featured by the BBC in the UK, and the BBC has hired Firth on several occasions to work on television programmes and commercials. Crime is a s**t that needs wiping up - Burnt Face Man . , I don't have much X2, seriously I don't have much, I haven't been paid yet, when I get paid I'll give you some more - Unit C1845D .

He also created a Flash animation series called Jerry Jackson in which a cartoon character claims to be a professional animator, even though the animation is intentionally poorly crafted. I don't want the silver sausage it ain't on my radar - Skinned Man No. Right lads despite the obvious safety risk I'm going to light up this Sparkler - Random Boy .

), is a British animator, writer, musician, actor, voice actor, filmmaker, video artist, and broadcaster best known for his work on Salad Fingers.

As a cartoonist, Firth's work is largely distributed via the internet, most notably through the popular Adobe Flash animation website Newgrounds and his own personal websites.

John's got a better model than Sue, who's 3 years behind Bob, but slightly ahead of Sally who appears to be stuck in the 80s along with Mike and Dhalbag, but Josh, Sukwinda and Naille are all up to date.

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